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Small stickers also have big dreams - warm congratulations on "Flash" stickers and successful marriage to the world's top 500 Disney

Small stickers also have big dreams - warm congratulations on "Flash" stickers and successful marriage to the world's top 500 Disney

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2017/11/14 19:12
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“Flash” sticker is the independent brand of Guangzhou Jianghetian Trading Co., Ltd. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Integrity Development...
“Shanle” sticker is the independent brand of Guangzhou Jianghetian Trading Co., Ltd. Based on the corporate philosophy of “Integrity Development, Creating Win-Win”, the company has been focusing on the development of applique for more than ten years. With its novel design and excellent quality, it has been highly recognized by customers, which is not acceptable to the domestic applique industry. A power that is neglected.
This time, the world's top 500 Disney, the successful acquisition of the Disney Tsum Tsum series of stickers, will greatly enhance our influence in the appliqué industry.
As everyone knows, the Tsum Tsum series is a hot item from Disney. It brings together the main classic characters in Disney's animations and movies, like our familiar Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Donald Duck, Snow White, etc., and designed them into The cute image of Q Meng version is popular all over the world and has been sought after by many young people!
The dream is to have it. This little sticker also carries the common dream of the river and the heavens - making the "Flash" sticker a famous brand!
I don't forget my heart and I am moving forward. I believe that through the cooperation with Disney in the sticker, “Flash” stickers will create more influential and appealing products and become famous brands.
"Integrity development, create a win-win situation", "Flash music" stickers sincerely hope that our customers and friends will continue to support and pay attention to us, pay attention to our upcoming Disney Tsum Tsum series stickers, surprises should not be missed!
Note: The shocking attack, "Flash Music" stickers advertising has been successfully launched in Beijing and Shanghai train stations at the same time! ! !
Small stickers
Small stickers

Add:Shop C0042-C0043International

Toy Center,390 Yide road western,YueXiu

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