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Happy National Day - Yan'an Xi'an Flash Tour

Happy National Day - Yan'an Xi'an Flash Tour

Company News
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2017/10/08 18:59
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Our company regularly organizes employees to go on a trip, and the destination of this tour is Yan'an, a revolutionary holy place.
This National Day holiday
The little friends should have played.
Is the mood very happy?!
Our company regularly organizes employees to go on a trip, and the destination of this tour is Yan'an, a revolutionary holy place.
We began the journey of the revolutionary holy land of Yan'an with reverence.


This National Day holiday


Family of Flash House
All employees of Jianghetian
Pay tribute to everyone


This National Day holiday


Military sisters
Came to the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the square is flat and open.
The memorial shows what is called "Yan'an" spirit through a large number of precious historical photos, cultural relics, oil paintings, etc.


This National Day holiday


Military brothers
In Yan'an, we sang red songs and felt the spirit of Yan'an, a trip to Yan'an.
Although the time is short, the educational significance is unusual.


This National Day holiday


This National Day holiday


The second stop is Xi'an.
The night view of Xi'an is very good.
Prosperous city, light


This National Day holiday


Seven fairies?
The lights are so beautiful
I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Zhang Meimei’s


This National Day holiday


Also went to the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall
Very lucky, the sun is coming out.
The rainbow is also out.
The Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, the Yellow River that rushes down from Qianshan Wanrui, has reached the Hukou.
From top to bottom, like a galloping horse, Hongbo splashed, and the waves crashed, I immediately thought of a word "powerful"


This National Day holiday


I saw it on the way back to Xi'an Road.
Apple trees not visible in the south
Xiaobian is happy to be broken
Forgive Xiaobian, I have not walked out of the mountains.
Go and see the world outside
I couldn’t help but take a few shots.


This National Day holiday


Self-reliant, well-fed Nanniwan
Nanniwan Farm is located 45 kilometers southeast of Yan'an City.
The main crops are mainly golden rice.
One side of the water and the soil
Shaanxi's most famous meat folder, lamb patties


This National Day holiday


This National Day holiday


This National Day holiday


There is also this do-it-yourself, full of food and clothing.
Steamed mutton
There is this mushroom
Guess what food is really?
Perfectly ended this 4 days and 3 nights Yan'an trip!
This red tour, let us not forget the great achievements of the revolutionary ancestors, always remember their mission,
In the spirit of seeking truth and innovation, we strive to achieve the annual development goals and promote the transformation of the company.

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