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Flash music color keyboard film - how is the love of rabbits?

Flash music color keyboard film - how is the love of rabbits?

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The appearance of a color keyboard protective film:
The appearance of the color keyboard protective film is along with the notebook, and the ordinary keyboard protective film, according to the color of the notebook, not only can protect the keyboard, waterproof, dustproof, but also played, beautiful, personalized such a brand new The function breaks the single protection of the keyboard membrane and the color image of such a mass image, thus making the keyboard protective film industry reach a new milestone revolution.
Color keyboard protective film product features:
1, using the latest keyboard protective film materials and production technology, with excellent physical properties, such as "high elasticity, wear resistance, high strength, hardness, ductility and excellent temperature adaptability"
2, soft texture and high elasticity, ultra-thin and transparent, 0.2mm ultra-thin design, excellent touch, experience an unparalleled extraordinary feel.
3, the installation is simple, can be positioned directly on the keyboard, no need to paste and cut
4, easy to use, close to the keyboard surface, does not affect any keyboard operation
5, waterproof, no longer have to worry about water, cola, juice, coffee and other liquids splashing into the keyboard and damage the computer
6, dustproof and dirty, can avoid dust, soot, biscuit crumbs, etc. falling into the keyboard and affecting the life of the keyboard
7, easy to clean, anti-wear, to ensure that you have a new and hygienic keyboard.
The development of the flash color keyboard protective film:
In 2011, Guangzhou Jianghetian Trading Co., Ltd. developed the flashing colorful keyboard membrane, which is suitable for general-purpose desktop keyboards. It is the darling of the keyboard protective film industry due to its exquisite craftsmanship and good hand feeling and unique packaging design.
At this moment, the color keyboard film of many patterns was quickly developed. At the same time, as a self-owned brand product, the sales were very popular, and the students and office workers were highly liked, which made the brand of Shenle deeply in the same position.

Add:Shop C0042-C0043International

Toy Center,390 Yide road western,YueXiu

district,GuangZhou city,GuangDong


Mobile phone:13760632401