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What is the effect of the Flash Plus upgraded LCD screen cleaning kit?

What is the effect of the Flash Plus upgraded LCD screen cleaning kit?

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Anything that has long-term use always has dirt. Whether it is to extend the life of the product or protect your health, it is very important and necessary to do a good job. Like laptops, with the increasing popularity, related accessories, protection and maintenance products are also increasing. Screen protectors, top cover protection / beauty stickers, keyboard protective film, endless. The tools used for cleaning are naturally not too small, and there are many similar types of cleaning kits on the market. Such suits typically consist of a brush, a wipe and a cleaning solution. It looks inconspicuous, but it can't be ignored if the purchase is right. Recently, Guangzhou Jianghetian Trading Co., Ltd. launched a special cleaning kit for flashing LCD screens.
The kit includes three things: a microfiber cleaning cloth, a keyboard cleaning brush, a powerful air blower, and a liquid crystal screen cleaner.
The cleaning cloth is used for wiping. The cleaning brush is used to sweep out the dust on the keyboard or other corners. The powerful air blower blows out the dust in the slits. The cleaning agent is the solvent used for the cleaning cloth.
These four things seem normal, but they are not products that can be ignored.
Like a keyboard cleaning brush. This thing is very simple, it is a brush. But what kind of material is used for the brush, it is still a bit different. According to Jiang Hetian's product description, this keyboard cleaning brush is made of imported nylon wool. The bristles are specially considered for use in different occasions. It can effectively remove the dust and particles on the LCD screen and the precision surface, especially the dust between the keyboard gaps can be easily removed.
This may be too written. In simple terms, the bristles are somewhat similar to the glass strands used in the store to form the fibers. This material is very soft and very thin, and it can penetrate deeper and smaller gaps. The material has a certain electrostatic adsorption. The dust can be taken out. This is very useful.
According to the specification, the microfiber cleaning cloth is made of oil-absorbing ultra-fine fiber, which has the advantages of strong adsorption of water stains and oil stains, and no fluffing. It can efficiently and quickly adsorb grease when it comes into contact with oily substances without rubbing the surface hard, thus reducing friction on fine surfaces.
LCD cleaners are the most technically advanced products. Don't look at it as a dishwashing detergent. The flashing LCD screen cleaning kit is a cleaning agent extracted from natural gum. It is non-corrosive to the screen, strong decontamination and clean. It keeps the screen bright and bright, and forms a protective film on the screen surface to prevent static electricity. And make the screen not easy to absorb dust.
Reminder: The use of the LCD screen, in addition to its own manufacturing factors, the key is the usual maintenance, dust, oil and moisture, and other basic protection, regular cleaning of the screen, so that the screen is in good working condition.

Add:Shop C0042-C0043International

Toy Center,390 Yide road western,YueXiu

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Mobile phone:13760632401