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Accompanied by the growth of adolescents“Happy rabbit

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Established in October 1999, Guangzhou Jianghetian Business and Trade Co., Ltd. is an early domestic trading company engaged in the

development, design, production, marketing and export of high-quality products. We have a team with dreams, passion, cohesion and

gratitude, adhere to the concept of "honest development, create win-win" and devote ourselves to the development of domestic and

foreign high-quality products. Today's Jianghetian products and reputation occupy a place in China's high-quality industry.


Guangzhou JHteam Trading Co., Ltd. has 2 major independent brands: shanle  and LECAI Bird. And has a number of authorized brands: Disney, Doraemon , Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Transformers, Gamzadori

Jianghetian's powerful design team can design according to customers'needs, constantly innovate and change in technology, and lead the trend. Professional design level and advanced production equipment are our guarantee. Over the past ten years, there have been tremendous changes in the types and scale of operation. What remains unchanged is "integrity".




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ianghetian's various stickers and a series of products are the theme of fashion vitality, beautiful youth, health and environmental protection. It is deeply loved by customers and consumers. The products are mainly exported to many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and domestic sales of major wholesale markets, and also become the brand supplier of chain stores, franchisees, network wholesalers and retailers. At the same time, we have been continuing to create other related boutique gifts, constantly pursuing excellence, so that our products have a sense of fashion, fashion, and truly unique product style.
The company sincerely looks forward to domestic and foreign customers to negotiate, we will be happy to help you!
I believe we can create better profit opportunities for you because we have been working hard! Our goal: to be the fastest way to transform wealth into ideas.




Add:Shop C0042-C0043International Toy Center,390 Yide road western,YueXiu district,GuangZhou city,GuangDong Province,China

Mobile phone:13760632401


Innovation is a very frequent word in the world today. It is also the concept that

JHteam has been striving for. It contains three meanings:

First, update;
Second, create new things;
Third, change


In the concept of innovative thinking, we always maintain the best quality and lead the trend, the pursuit of individual brand image, innovative design and in line with Chinese aesthetics and usage habits


The source of the "Happy Rabbit" brand that accompanying the growth of young people

At the Japan World Peace Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, a painting has received much attention: a famous bunny in Guangzhou and a happy little rabbit danced and sang in front of the building. This painting named "Happy Rabbit" was made from a 14-year-old girl. The hand of Lele. Lele is a poor student funded by Jianghetian Company and lives in the Meizhou mountain area with his grandmother. Although she lives in poverty, she is still optimistic, cheerful and eager to learn. Later, Lele went to live with her parents in Guangzhou. The unfamiliar urban environment and the unreasonable language made Lele feel uncomfortable. She has always been lively and cheerful, and she has become introverted. Lonely, Lele turned out the previous album, and there was a little rabbit she had painted before. She was looking at her with her big, clever eyes, as if she was cheering for her and reminding her of her childhood happiness. Lele regained confidence and led a "happy rabbit" to the streets of Guangzhou, and painted a fine painting. Lele has also received the attention and appreciation of teachers and students, and has become the star of the shining campus.


Knowing the story of Lele, the founder of Jianghetian Company was deeply touched. Young people are related to the developmental destiny of a country. As a social citizen, enterprises should care for and help the growth of young people. Therefore, Jianghetian Company decided to spread the experience of Lele and the positive energy represented by it. With the brand name “Flash”, and adhering to the spirit of “I am happy, I am developing” and developing high-end creative stickers and artistic hands. Accounts and other creative products, and to meet the hobbies and consumer needs of young people with novel, ever-changing, colorful, environmentally friendly and safe product characteristics, to give young people a good companion to help them record and express their emotions and cultivate artistic sentiments. Make friends and friends, add sparkling colors and happiness to the best and most worry-free years of life, and promote the health of young people.